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Career & Tech Education Staff


Marsha Becker, CTE Director (Coordinator) and Sports Medicine

Lori Gray, Law and Public Safety

Cathy Bagby, Early Childhood Education

Michelle Burke, Software and App Design

Kevin Bangsund, Graphic Design and Law

Sam Brindis, Music and Audio

Laura Denny, Business Management

Jan Esmay, Allied Health Biology - Nursing Services

Jason Fallis, Stagecraft

Marie Hendry, Early Childhood Education

Jason Keeney, Engineering

James (Craig) Bolton, Cabinetmaking

Don Miller, Automotive Technologies

Julia Finney, Fashion/Nutrition

Kristal Norman, Digital Communication

Benjamin Robertson, Graphic and Web Design

Ginny Sautner, Marketing


Support Staff

Francine Galea, Career Center

Judy Long, CTE Staff Assistant

Maddie Berend, Preschool Paraprofessional

Michaela Delgado, Preschool Paraprofessional